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Dress for Sister

It all started a couple of years back, when I was silly enough to buy some gorgeous linen on sale. Wonderful colour, not quite crayon red and not quite orange. Really wonderfull colour, but just NOT for me. I am a pasty faced blonde and that red colour would make me look jaundiced. My sister however looks wonderful in it.
She had a dress she was really fond of in some gray matte smooth fabric, and so I copied it and put on some different embellishments, so it was not a direct copy.
It does not hang properly on my dressform, as my sister is a different bodytype than I and 2 sizes larger.
I chose to use embroidery as an embellishment, to make it a bit more festive.
The design was a part of my Innovis4000d machine from brother. I gave my sister a choice as I made a sampler, both of the embellishment of the original dress, which was a band with a tuck in it every 8 cm around the waist or the embroidery with four different outline colours.
I have recently experimented with making hand bound buttonholes, and my machine cannot make buttonholes that are 4-5 cm long. I decided that the slits for the built in belt would have to be hand bound.
Finally a closer look at the bodice.
I just need a final fitting on my sister to be sure that the hem is even. I despite uneven hems. (I cringe when I see people walking down the street with a skirt that is uneven or longer on the sides than in front, and skirts that are longer on front than the back) Sorry, pet peeve.
For some reason I cannot shrink the embroidery pic, sorry, have tried.
From cloudy but temperate Denmark


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Jan. 18th, 2011 01:58 pm (UTC)
Pretty dress, thanks for faux HKG finish explanation
What a pretty dress! Lucky sister.

Thanks for the explanation of a faux HKG finish on Gertie's blog. I do think I understood!
Jan. 18th, 2011 09:36 pm (UTC)
Re: Pretty dress, thanks for faux HKG finish explanation
thanks, otherwise I can only recommend getting the book. it is good
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