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Tulip Quilt

I am going through the process of handquilting
Tulip quilt rfb

This quilt was begun by my mother, who unfortunately passed away last year. I am quilting it for my sister, for a combined Birthday/christmas present from me and our mother.

It all began when I went through my mothers sewing stuff after her death. Noone else in my family was interested in her fabric or other things related to the craft, so I got it all. Among those were a book by Eleanor Burns, "Tulip Quilt" from "Quilts in a Day" A very nice book and about 17 finished blocks. I decided that i wanted sashing, and I wanted to open it up a bit, so I added some alternate blocks with nothing but the background fabric, so I could quilt a design on that. I couldn't use all the blocks, since the quilt would get way too big, it is 190 by 190 cm right now.

I put together the blocks with the sashing and the first border


I then added two more borders to end up with the original picture.
I taped the backing fabric, which is the same as the cream/offwhite border, to the floor, spread the batting over it and smoothed it out, and then put on the top. Then came the big job of basting the thing, and these are the tools I used

Tools for basting

Using the spoon to get the tip of the needle out of the quiltsandwich made basting a whole lot easier.


Hooped it up to start the handquilting, decided to do a radial design in the red flower and the white background of the tulip blocks


Closeup of the radial quilting of the flower

quilting without the blitz




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Nov. 16th, 2009 01:48 pm (UTC)
Your tulip quilt
Your quilt will be lovely and I'm sure your sister will appreciate it. Is this your first foray into quilting? You did a wonderful job. You asked for quilting suggestions on the Quiltville group. How about a leafy vine trailing along each of the sashing segments? And a small rosette of some sort in the cornerstones? I am interested to see what design you put in the plain alternating squares.

aka "The Calico Quilter"
my blog is www.itsthecatshouse.blogspot.com
Nov. 16th, 2009 07:23 pm (UTC)
Re: Your tulip quilt
Thanks a lot for your comment. I plan to put a more naturalistic tulip (quilted) in the blank squares with crosshatching around it.

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